Dott. Luca Porcu

Fine Chemicals Director

Angelini S.p.A.


Graduated in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the Ferrara University, Italy in 1999 with an experimental thesis in organic chemistry focused on synthesis of antitumoral and antiviral compounds.

After an initial period as researcher at the University of Ferrara in collaboration with Glaxo and Novartis, Luca initiated a career in CDMOs:  which benefit of experience either in production of Finished Product (mainly injectables) and then in sales for Finished Product and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

During this period, he worked with major international CDMO for Finished Product at Patheon, Zambon Chemical and Corden Pharma.

From January 2018 he joined Angelini as the Fine Chemicals Director with responsibility over 180 employees. In Angelini he gave attention to the CDMO business bringing Angelini Fine Chemicals a player into this field with dedicated investments in special technologies such as Flow Chemistry and High Containment and personnel.

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