Dott.ssa Celeste Iannuzzi

Project Leader

Flamma Innovation Srl


She began her work experience in Flamma’s R&D department in 2012, dealing with design and development of industrial processes for the synthesis of API’s and intermediates. Over the years, her activity focused on the implementation of continuous processes on a pilot and industrial scale, transferring some chemical steps from the traditional batch process to the more innovative flow processes.

In recent years, Celeste was invited as speaker in Master course held at the University of Pavia (PSF-Master in Drug Design and Development).

Celeste graduated with honours in Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Milan in 2008 and received her Ph.D. in Chemical Sciences and Technologies from the University of Milan in 2012. During 2010, she developed part of her Ph.D. at the “Innovative Technology Centre” of the University of Cambridge under the supervision of prof. Steven V. Ley. Her research focused on the optimization of chemical reactions applying the flow chemistry in micro and meso-reactors.

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