Henrieke De Bie

Senior Consultant

Xendo B.V.


Henrieke de Bie has more than 18 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry. In 2007, Henrieke moved to quality assurance roles, in which she performed numerous audits, mostly within the GCP and clinical area, in more than 30 different countries. She was also responsible for managing international teams of GCP/PV auditors and for strategic audit management for the Europe, Middle-East and Africa region in one of the largest CROs.

Henrieke works as a Senior Consultant with a primary focus on GCP QA at Xendo, a leading consultancy and project management organisation in the fields of (bio)pharmaceutical products, medical devices and healthcare. In addition, she is currently finalising a Master of Science study in Quality Management in Scientific Research and Development at the Cranfield University in the UK.

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