Emerging Technologies for the manufacturing of safer and sustainable formulations

Time: 9:30 am - 10:00 am

Date: 27 March

Theatre: Arena 4


Novel biomaterials and manufacturing methods are emerging with potential to address the challenges associated with themanufacture of pharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems (DDSs) that will “teach new tricks to old drugs”, and on thedevelopment of personalized medicine and medical devices. Techniques such as 3D printing (3DP) have experienced asignificant price reduction making possible its use in hospitals for multiple applications. Other techniques such aselectrospinning (ES) or microfluidics (MF) have the potential to be used for the preparation of medical devices or DDSsadapted to the requirements of each patient. All these technologies together with 4D Printing (4DP) and Machine Learning(ML), with examples from our lab will be discussed.


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