Sustainability and the Future of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Time: 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Date: 27 March

Theatre: Arena 4


The talk will focus on the sustainability of the practice of new laboratory technologies, to ensure greener methods are beingapplied in science throughout and especially for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals using Emerging Technologies (ET)such as Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Microfluidics, among others. Given the importance of climate change, and therelatively high impact that laboratories and pharmaceutical manufacturers have on climate change, the importance ofconsidering the green impact that processes in such environments can have should be a priority. The talk will discussenvironmental issues for multiple ET, so that the speed at which they reduce their environmental impact is reduced. Moreover,better understanding these new technologies and how can be assist in making decisions that will not only help research, butalso help the planet, will be covered and discussed.


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